Welcome to the musings of resident dance sage!

Let’s get acquainted, shall we? I’ll tell you a bit about myself…I am an educator, specifically an Associate Professor of Dance at a large community college in Riverside, California (just east and south of LA). This blog is for my Dance Appreciation students, however, anyone who has an interest in dance may find the posts fun & festive and just a tad bit informative!  So, let’s have at it, folks – welcome to my blog!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the musings of resident dance sage!

  1. I am an African American male who is interested in learning new things. I chose dance because of my interest in learning about how other culture dance. I feel that this class will also allow me to expend some energy, especially when learning more upbeat dances. I felt that by enrolling in this class, I can at least “get a beat”, learn something, and have fun.

  2. i am a die hard athlete. i have a new found appreciations for the art of dance. enrolling in this class opened my mind up to many different genres of dances throughout the world. it even has me thinking of enrolling in a dance class possibly a hip hop or tap class.

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