Two things…

I received brochures in the mail this week from two of my favorite local venues to see dance – UC Riverside’s University Theatre & the Irvine Barclay (on the campus of UC Irvine). Especially looking forward to Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s “Babel” at the Barclay in October, and Joe Goode Performance Group in February, 2012 at UCR. Past performances that evoke fond memories for me include two at UCR: Mark Morris’ “Going Away Party” (with Mark Morris dancing! Such a hoot!) and Rennie Harris Puremovement – a most amazing solo that really took hip hop vocabulary to another level for me. At the Barclay – loads of wonderful work by UC Irvine faculty come to mind, as well as a VERY LONG CONCERT by Savion Glover – truly a case of too much of a good thing!  I’d love to hear about your favorite & memorable dance viewing experiences!

5 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. I remember being young and my mother was dating this guy that was apart of a faternity, and we attended one of their step shows and they were stepping or dancing which was so amazing. They used canes in their steps and hit the ground with their canes in a rhythmatic way, they also tossed their canes in the air in a twirling motion and caught them all at the same time. They shouted out some unfamiliar words though to represent who they were. They all dressed in the same color red, and their canes looked like a candy cane. Their were a few other faternities and sororities their as well. The faternities were the men and the sororities had women. Although, each groups of males and females were sectioned off in their own group. The women danced really nice they had like a semi line dance going on they clapped their hands, legs, and stomped their feet to make a beat, and shouted out a peircing type of scream to represent who they were also, I thought that was so cute. The men were very masculine like dogs, and the women were very sensual and kind of purred like cats. I was 12 years old at the time.- tiffstewart…Btw HI RITA!!! Have a great weekend…

    • Sounds like it was fun! Stepping has been practiced at colleges for quite some time, and it is super exciting and entertaining, as your post shows. What I think is so interesting is that different college groups find dance to be a perfect way to bond with others, especially on large college campuses. Although not as frequently found here in So Cal, plenty of colleges have bhangra teams. Bhangra is a dance of Indian origin, basically a dance of the farmers, which has been transformed by young dancers, highly influenced by the musical Bollywood films of Hindi cinema.
      Thanks for sharing, Tiffane!

  2. Well of course my most memorable would have to be Kinetic Conversations not too long ago. I think the reason I loved it had to be that I actually saw professionals dance. I got to see a beautiful solo by RYAN BECK like how many people can say that…

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