Reflection time…

I’ve had the chance to put some final touches on a document that gives an overview of our dance program at RCC.  It was an opportunity to revisit some of our successful practices and make some plans for the future.  I confess I’m usually one to hop right into the next project, with merely a backwards glance…so this was definitely a good exercise for me.

And speaking of exercise, it’s been great to be a student and take classes again. This summer I started Zumba one night a week, taught by a former student of mine who, evidently, was BORN to teach Zumba classes and motivate others with her enthusiasm and energy.  A big thanks to Nic Perkins for leading a great class every week.

If you know of any fun dance and / or fitness classes out there, please write some feedback – let’s support those who motivate and inspire us!


2 thoughts on “Reflection time…

  1. i think its a fun experience when you try something new in your life for example how you tried a zumba dance class. I think everyone should open there options to trying new things. For my extra credit opportunity ima try to take a dance class of a different enthic i think maybe tribal or something like that

  2. Its always good to learn something new in your life, you never know who is watching. But being a football player and usually during our free time we like to make up victory dances. This really only goes for the talened ones, but indeed we recievers need more dance moves under our belt to keep the people guessing.

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