Choices, choices!

It’s always a challenge to find a video clip that will provide enough material for students to use their new found language (i.e., the Elements of Dance vocabulary) while, at the same time, not overwhelm completely. Today, in showing an excerpt from Nacho Duato’s “Arenal”, the students viewed a powerful female solo (the second solo, for those of you who are familiar with the piece) – not too long (about 2 minutes), but full of possibilities – or so it seemed to me!

To those of you in the Tues/Thurs class: I wonder exactly how challenging this solo was to write about. Was it easier than writing about the Martha Graham duet from “Diversion of Angels”, or more difficult? Give me your feedback, please!

For those of you in the Mon/Wed class, I will be choosing a different solo for you to view, but it might be interesting to see the comments from the other class.


4 thoughts on “Choices, choices!

  1. Honestly, through this semester you showed us many dances that i cant remember watching “Diversions of Angels.” Thank God for you tube though i reviewed both the excerpt’s and i found that “Diversions of Angels” would be easier to write about to describe the dance elements. I still got a good grade on the writing on “Arenal” even though we had to view it so mant times. I think with “Diversions of Angels” I would have knew what to write on right away.

    • Leilani –
      What was it about the duet from “Diversion of Angels” that made it easier for you to see and write about the elements of dance? Was it because it was a duet? Lots of repetition? A bit of a story line? I’d love for you to pinpoint exactly what made the elements of dance stand out for you!

  2. I felt that “Diversion of Angels” would have been easier to write about only because the tempo is slow and you can capture more movements. I also think duets are more interesting because of the connection between the dancers.

  3. “Diversion of Angels” by Martha Graham was a prelude to George Balanchine’s “Four Temperaments” excerpt for the subject of our first exam in Dance-6. Interestingly, the two types of performances were not similar in theme nor meaning or story in dance. I mention this because it surprised me when it was time to take the exam. I expected a cookie cutter duet performance for the exam. They did however share genre in ballet but, Diversion of Angels had a them or story base of two people performing in a courtship versus “Four Temperaments,” which was more about an individual expressing feelings in a dance while accompanied by music. I can also easily interpret the solo ballet performance by Bart Cook following the music and reacting in dance movements.
    In regard to describing the dance elements to both excerpts, I found “Four Temperaments” was easier to define because it was only one person to observe and interpret versus “Diversion of Angels” was having to following two dancers with at times two different movements. However, I enjoyed watching D-of-A more because the performance had a story of romance, sensuality, and if I may be so blunt to say… a touch of eroticism. With this mention, watching it as one is flirting with the other as he gives chase for her attraction.
    To each one’s own way, they had their own uniqueness for observation and enlightenment for learning about dance.

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