Production Week for “Kinetic Conversations”!

So, it begins – the week known as “hell week” in the theatre due to the intense nature of getting a show up and running. A dance concert, such as “Kinetic” really starts to come alive in the theatre. So many weeks in the studio, viewing the piece from such a close perspective, makes for many an “aha!” moment when the piece is transformed by the encapsulating frame of the theatre space. So, tonight is the first night I will truly see my work as a complete piece, as the lighting is built cue by cue, look by look. It’s also the time that a choreographer truly “lets go” of the product. Sure, you can fine tune moments here and there, but at this point, the work is now owned by the dancers.  A little bittersweet, sure, but I am happy to let them take over.

For those students who have never been to a dance concert, try to use all of the hints that the choreographer provides for you to help interpret the intent of the work you are seeing. The title, the choice of music, costumes and lighting are the puzzle pieces the choreographer chooses to connect in order to communicate the meaning of the work.

I hope you all enjoy the efforts of all of the choreographers and performers in this year’s performance of “Kinetic Conversations.”  This is a very special concert for my dear friend and colleague Jo Dierdorff and her legacy as “Director of Dance” at Riverside City College.


Salsa, anyone?

While driving home from Orange County the other day, I noticed a billboard advertising SALSA dance lessons at Sevilla Restaurant in Riverside on Wednesday nights. After checking with Eric Van Den Haute at Sevilla, here are the details: lessons are free & start at 8:30pm. For more info, go to their website  So – anyone who needs to fulfill an optional assignment – this looks like a FANTASTIC opportunity! Please let me know if you know of any other social dance options in the Inland Empire.