Salsa, anyone?

While driving home from Orange County the other day, I noticed a billboard advertising SALSA dance lessons at Sevilla Restaurant in Riverside on Wednesday nights. After checking with Eric Van Den Haute at Sevilla, here are the details: lessons are free & start at 8:30pm. For more info, go to their website  So – anyone who needs to fulfill an optional assignment – this looks like a FANTASTIC opportunity! Please let me know if you know of any other social dance options in the Inland Empire.

One thought on “Salsa, anyone?

  1. (A.J. Golez / Dance-6 / Fall-2011)
    I had seen the same billboard advertisement and I actually pondered on the crazy idea because I have always enjoyed watching individuals who partakes in this style of dance. When I hear salsa, the first thing that comes to mind is… weddings. I cannot recall one wedding that I have gone to that did not have a salsa moment. The salsa dance connect perfectly with weddings and other ballroom events because they both share a similar meaning… a sense of passion and celebration.
    I was suprised to learn when I researched it in Wikipedia via Google, that there are six varying style of Salsa… they are, the Colobian (Cali) style, the Cuban (Casino) style, the Miami-style Casino, the Rueda de Casino, Los Angeles style, and the New York style. Many consider this a serious event that it has a Salsa Congress inwhich dancers meet yearly in various host cities to a chosen country. The various music accompanying the dance are always uplifting, full of energy, and always difficult to stop yourself from wanting to move to the beat. Definitely, salsa dancing lessons is one for my bucket list to do before I die and will enjoy very much to learning. Just a thought, I wonder if there is a class course at a college or university in ballroom dancing… hmmm!!!

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