“Kinetic Conversations” – a beautiful dialogue!

I must say – after the incredible process of participating in a heartfelt tribute to my great friend, colleague and mentor Jo Dierdorff, it is wonderful to hear student feedback, both from the performers and audience members.  “Kinetic Conversations” is always a fun concert – seeing the work of the faculty and guest artists is a treat and definitely inspires me.  But this year – it has gone to an amped up level of meaning and emotion, followed by a bigger let down than usual.  Almost anyone who has been in a show or dance concert knows what I mean – after the high of performance, the inevitable downer moment happens when you realize, “Hey – I don’t have rehearsal any more.” Big sad face…

On the happier side, the first set of auditions for “Celebrate Dance” was held today, and things are looking very promising for this year’s student concert.  Great turnout (and I’m not talking about outward rotation folks, although that does apply!) I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s audition at 6:00pm in the Dance Studio.

I would love to hear from students regarding their impressions of the concert as a whole, especially if you have NEVER attended a dance concert.