The Spring Semester has Sprung!

The first day of the Spring 2012 semester is complete with another class Dance 6 primed and ready to go – well, at least I hope they are! I’m looking forward to changing up a few things from last semester, starting on Wednesday.
Springtime also is full of performances – a couple of local things this week of note:
Thursday evening Feb. 15 at UC Riverside – the wonderfully inventive Joe Goode Performance Group presents “The Rambler”, described on the Joe Goode website as “Clint Eastwood meets Siddhartha”. Sounds intriguing!   8pm at the University Theatre – tickets are $22 for non UCR students. If you decide to go to Joe Goode, make sure you buy your tickets in advance, or go EARLY – box office opens at 7pm.
If you are more interested in performing – here’s a fun opportunity, especially for current RCC Dancers. Auditions for the opening number of a “Dancing with the Stars”-themed show for the City of Riverside are THIS SUNDAY, FEB. 19  at 4:00pm at Room to Dance Studio on University (next door to Back to the Grind). Choreographer April MacLean is an RCC and UCR alum who owns and operates Room to Dance, and she will be auditioning strong jazz and hip hop dancers this Sunday. Call 951.588.5405 for more info.

So – it’s a spring full of promise!  Let’s make the most of this glorious day and the rest of the semester as well.

4 thoughts on “The Spring Semester has Sprung!

  1. I am looking forward to this Dance 6 class, especially after the turnout in today’s class period. With the interesting responses and the activities you put us in, they were quite enjoyable! Good luck to all of those in this semesters Dance 6!

  2. I was amazed by the way you teach for the dance class,at the second day of attended the class,i was very comfortable and enjoyable with those activites which you let us join in,and you offer us a fascinating class and use a speacial way to teach us what the dance mean to people through videos and some of the activies.

  3. It was very interesting to watch “Dance your way to a PHD” it sure makes one think about the different dynamics of dance. The concepts were made so much clearer with the use of the dancers.. very enjoyable and mind opening! Also just wanted to comment on our last activity. The way you taught that day was invaluable as it created an entire different atmosphere to take place in the classroom… Im looking forward to gaining more knowledge about dance!

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