Review from a Master Critic

Decided to check on the blog of one of my favorite dance critics, Deborah Jowitt, and lo and behold – she has written a wonderful overview of Paul Taylor Dance Company’s recent New York season. Since Dance 6 has just watched excerpts from “Dancemaker”, it is especially timely to read Jowitt’s commentary on premiered works, as well as old favorites. Since it is the 50th birthday of “Aureole” – one of Taylor’s signature pieces – Jowitt takes the opportunity to laud and question Taylor’s output, but ultimately, she does a bit of gushing – nothing wrong in that!

Here is the link:


2 thoughts on “Review from a Master Critic

  1. This article let me know more about the pioneer: Paul, and really expanded my horizon about the history of modern dance.

  2. Reading this article really helped me to focus primarily on Paul Taylor’s “Dancemaker” for assignment number 10. From his beginnings of being in foster care to be able to become as successful as he is really shows the type of person he is, determined and passionate. I admire both traits and feel the true sense of if you are passionate enough for something you can achieve anything.

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