Upcoming Performances!

For those of you who favor musical theatre, there is a perfect opportunity to see an excellent production starting this Thursday at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood for a five week run. “Biilly Elliott the Musicial” has a dance theme, which drives the action of this musical adaptation of the movie, “Billy Elliott”. It is suitable for children –  great article in today’s LA Times written by Susan King about the four young men who share the role of Billy as the production tours the U.S. I have not seen the show yet, but some trusted friends who have seen the show really loved all aspects of the production and the very strong dancing by the cast.
In a more academic setting, UC Irvine will be featuring the work of dance graduate students in “Dance Escape”, which will be presented Thurs., April 19, Fri., April 20 and Sat. April 21 at 8pm, with a 2:00pm matinee performance on Sat., April 21. UC Irvine has an excellent program, if I do say so myself (full disclosure – I am a graduate of the MFA program at UCI, as are several of my RCC colleagues).
Hope some of you will be able to attend one of these dance performances – I’ll be putting up more information later this week!


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