So many dance concerts….

The next couple of weeks are busy ones in So Cal for dance. One is particularly special for me and all of us at RCC Dance. Two of our alumni, Kevin Lopez and Marielle Coe, will be dancing in Cal State Long Beach’s Faculty Dance Concert. It’s great to see our students as they move on and transfer – to see them in performance is even more wonderful! Here are the details: April 25-27 at 8pm, April 28 at 2pm & 8pm at CSULong Beach’s Martha Knoebel Theatre (next to the Big Blue Pyramid). Ticket price for students is $16. The only downside is this particular theatre is relatively small, so certain performances may sell out – best to get your tickets in advance. Ticket Office phone # is 562.985.7000 or online at


11 thoughts on “So many dance concerts….

  1. Thank you fou your notification! It is a good chance to get extra credit. Hope you getting well soon. See you on next Monday.

  2. Its nice to take a class where my awareness has been broadened in a subject that is everywhere in today’s society. Rita, when I tell people I’m taking dance they look at me funny and laugh. I used to be one of those people that would have laughed too, but not any more. With a basic introduction, I now have a better understanding of several aspects on how dance works from a basic overall perspective.

    • Jose,
      Great to hear your comments about your experience in the class and people’s reactions to the fact that you are taking a dance class – do you think it’s because they think you are actually dancing and that is just out of character for you, or is their own fear of being labelled a dancer coming out?

      • Its the fact people think that I’m actually dancing and that it seems out of character for me. I get this look like,”seriously” why? I laugh and point out its just like any other appreciation class.

  3. It is hard to imagine what will happen without any form of art in our life:no concert,no community,no shows except for endless working and working again.Speak from my heart,I will be get frustrated and exhausted without dance. RIta offer us a bunch of dance concerts :)that will be nice for us ,I can not wait to see which dance performance will impact me a lot!!

  4. I have not seen any form of dance performance in my life until on that day I came to this class –dance 6; I’m getting interested in all kinds of art forms. My dance teacher whose name is Rita, introducing different genre of dance and using B.E.S.T terms to critique one piece of dance. Gradually, I fell in love with dance, the most miserable art form and likely to participate and watch different art performance. Watching dance performance can let me more relaxed .

  5. I’m so glad that you are so nice to offer us these information above. The life is full of the art information. Everywhere can find the dance. It’s really important and indispensable for our life.

  6. It is amazing, this was the second time I have been to a dance concert. It was really shocked me when I was watching the performance “Afflicted”. I should try my best to write about it!!

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