Deborah Jowitt does it again!

Cruising around the archives of Deborah Jowitt’s blog, “DanceBeat”, I came across a post from April 23rd of this year. The topic of “Should I or shouldn’t I include program notes?” is a dilemma of many a choreographer, and whether or not said notes are a help or a hindrance for the audience in deciphering a dance work prior to viewing. As always, Ms. Jowitt gives one much to ponder, while describing several dance works so beautifully. Worth a read, and perhaps even a comment or two!

2 thoughts on “Deborah Jowitt does it again!

  1. Thank for your information. This blog has plenty of critiques and thoughts. Reading hers articles has really inspired me, it let me thinking and more deeply into dance.

  2. With the end of this semester approaching,thank you give me a wonderful dance journey and a fascinating dance appreciation lecture,also a lot of concert you offer to us that are pretty awesome and fabulous,i’ve seen student concert leave me a deep impression ,their motion,feeling all can be presented by their bodies movements.

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