Dance Concert Deadline!

For those Dance 6 students who need to see a concert, the next two weekends are your windows of opportunity. Happily, there are many choices with a variety of genres! Here’s a brief list:
*Pilobolus – Thurs.-Sat Irvine Barclay Theatre
Program: “Gnomen”, “All is Not Lost”, “Megawatt”, “Sweet Purgatory”
and “Duet”. Highly recommended!
*NextWave LA – Los Angeles Ballet Sat. @ Alex Theatre, Glendale &
next Sat. & Sun. @ the Broad Stage, Santa Monica Program: “colony”, “Duets in the act of…”,”Sirens”, and “Be Still”. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoy contemporary ballet.
*Dance Bistro: A Festival Sat. 5/26 @ 2pm & 8pm $5 access for all tickets – what a deal!! @ Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Cal State Long Beach – Many companies performing – looks very promising, and the price is absolutely right!


9 thoughts on “Dance Concert Deadline!

  1. Thanks for your reminding. Dance 6 class is almost finished, and I learn so much from you. You introduce dance to me and always give us vivid lecture. Thank you very much, Rita.

  2. With the dance appreciation almost done by the end of this semester,thank you for give us a wonderful time to get know what the dance is and why so powerful.

  3. I attended to the Dance Bistro:A Festival on May 26, and I think it is really a great deal ! The performance was beyond my expectation, and it only cost me $5. I esapecially enjoyed the fourth piece called “Four Seasons” which shows Chinese traditional dance style and costumes, and the accompaniment was played by Chinese instrument zither. Also, please don’t forget the Japanese dance crew I introduced to you before called “World Order”. Tomorrow is our last lecture, hope we have a good time. Thank you for your interesting lectures this semester.

  4. I agree with Tian Cheng. The Dance Bistro A Festival was great. Not only I appreciated the various of genres of dance, but also I enjoyed the accompaniment, such as the Guzheng (21-or 25-stringed plucked instrument ). By the way, I very appreciate our AMAZING professor Rita, who always gives us interesting lectures. In the begining of the calss, I don’t know how to appraciate a dance at all. For example, if I see one dancer embrace another, I would say the man and the woman hug together. Come on, They are using Negative space. Now I know how to describe a dance with terms, such as BODY, MOTION, ENERGY, and so on. Anyway, Thanks Rita, I like your teaching style and attractive personality!

  5. The concert Dance Bistro:A Festival performed at Carpenter Performing Arts Center was super wonderful and impressive. Seeing all the pieces, the one called “Danza Dolce” was perfect, and showed us an lovely story. Thanks for reminding us the upcoming concerts and we can complete papers finely. Thanks for teaching us appreciating dance.

  6. I attended to the Dance Bistro:A Festival on May 26, and I enjoyed the piece which was named:”Danza Dolce”. I think the choreographer added something into the ballet, that makes this perform different.

  7. UCR is Dancing 2012 was my adventure back in March. It was worth the wait to type it up. Thanks RITA for all your encouragement and efforts on teaching us the basics of Dance! Hopefully I can retain half of it and be able to acknowledge Dance in the future and recognize the elements.

  8. Dance 6 is almost finish, I really love “the car man”. Great dance, great story. I love the first 2 act, but the ending was a little bit disappointed. It just not that surprising as the first 2 act. Is there any other dance piece is like this?

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