A guide to several great concerts this weekend – check it!


Dance Created for Film!

Here is a GREAT example of choreography specifically intended to be viewed on film. This could not be presented live, as you will see. It’s a stunning work. Leave it to OK Go to bring in Pilobolus to create an inventive and memorable video – enjoy!

Crazy Busy Time!


Crazy Busy Time!

This week has been particularly full, schedule-wise, for me personally. In Dance 6, it is a particularly exciting time, because of the introduction of the Elements of Dance. Just as a fun exercise, pick one of the dancers in the photo (this is from my piece, “Cuppa Jo” which was presented in December of 2012 during our Fall Faculty Dance Concert “Kinetic Conversations.” Use your space terms to describe the body shape, the direction (or body facing – are they facing right, left, towards the audience?) level, range of motion and focus.

Happy 2013 Spring semester, Dance 6 students!

If you have made it this far, you are more than likely going to make it to the end of the semester, and the fact that you are checking my blog means you probably are motivated to start accumulating some extra credit points – hooray for you! So – let’s start off the semester, with a prompt:
Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the reasons why people dance and to some of the elements of dance (such as the body, space, motion – pedestrian movement falls into this category – energy and time), how has your perception of dance changed since the first day of class?
I look forward to reading your posts on this topic!

Another thought on those extra credit points: one of the ways you can earn points is by ACTUALLY DANCING!!! I know, call me crazy – but learning a new dance (or any dance if you haven’t really had the opportunity) could be the portal to experiencing something out of your comfort zone, or perhaps the inception of a new passion in your life! Dance can be life-long pursuit – not just a great way to keep fit, honor your culture or practice your art – but a way to connect with other people and experience the joy of moving your body to music with others! Here are some options for those of you who want to take that first step towards dancing:

UCR Salsa Club – check them out on Facebook – Ucr Salsa

Sevilla Restaurant – Matador Salsa Wednesdays – Lesson at 8:45pm, then open dancing afterwards

Room to Dance / World of Dance – check out their full schedule of dance classes (including Samba, African and other world dance genres) at

So – welcome, students! I hope you have enjoyed our first three weeks together – I certainly have!!