Happy 2013 Spring semester, Dance 6 students!

If you have made it this far, you are more than likely going to make it to the end of the semester, and the fact that you are checking my blog means you probably are motivated to start accumulating some extra credit points – hooray for you! So – let’s start off the semester, with a prompt:
Now that you’ve been introduced to some of the reasons why people dance and to some of the elements of dance (such as the body, space, motion – pedestrian movement falls into this category – energy and time), how has your perception of dance changed since the first day of class?
I look forward to reading your posts on this topic!

Another thought on those extra credit points: one of the ways you can earn points is by ACTUALLY DANCING!!! I know, call me crazy – but learning a new dance (or any dance if you haven’t really had the opportunity) could be the portal to experiencing something out of your comfort zone, or perhaps the inception of a new passion in your life! Dance can be life-long pursuit – not just a great way to keep fit, honor your culture or practice your art – but a way to connect with other people and experience the joy of moving your body to music with others! Here are some options for those of you who want to take that first step towards dancing:

UCR Salsa Club – check them out on Facebook – Ucr Salsa

Sevilla Restaurant – Matador Salsa Wednesdays – Lesson at 8:45pm, then open dancing afterwards

Room to Dance / World of Dance – check out their full schedule of dance classes (including Samba, African and other world dance genres) at http://www.roomtodancestudio.com

So – welcome, students! I hope you have enjoyed our first three weeks together – I certainly have!!


11 thoughts on “Happy 2013 Spring semester, Dance 6 students!

  1. I personally thought it was a great idea to have the whole class get together and actually put pieces of movement together. Not only do we sit on our seats and hear about all the movements but to participate into doing the moves to experience it yourself and to know how the movement works.

    • Hi Rita,
      I have been enjoying the class. It was fun! I learned so much about dance and the elements of movements. I never thought that there are so many elements and vocabulary in dancing. My perceptions of dancing have changed…thanks to you! I appreciate them more, and as matter of fact I would love to check out UCR salsa club one of these days. Keep us posted with the newest events…..

  2. Since the first day of class I knew this class would be one of favorite classes. I love dancing and seeing people dance, but I never thought I would ever be learning the history behind dancing. It’s soo much that I have learned about dance in just 3 weeks my favorite part is actually learning the names of the movements and seeing variety of dances in videos. One thing I need to improve to be successful in the class is to learn how write and look at the video at the same time, because at times it gets difficult because you have to strive to be descriptive as possible. Overall, I enjoy every minute of being in Dance Appreciation 🙂

  3. After only three weeks of class, my perception of dance has changed significantly since the first day. How so, well, I do not think about dance the same way I did before attending this class mainly because of the wealth of information about dance you have been providing during class instruction. I recognize now, my personal assessment of why people dance was very rudimentary, I thought dance was something a majority of people did using their own style to express themselves at various times based on their mood. I also thought different genres of dance like ballet, tap and ballroom to name a few was a career choice people made who considered themselves to be the “artsy creative” types of people. However, I now find dance is more complicated than anything I could have imagined. It is a very complex discipline that is sound and factual with a lot of history and culture, which comes as a surprise to me because I never thought dance was this structured.
    Just learning about the different elements over the past few weeks like the body, motion, energy, space and time has been fascinating. While at the same time, if you are a novice at dance like me, it feels as though you are in the early process of learning a different language altogether when it comes to finding the connection between the elements and components when critiquing a performance. There is so much terminology to learn for each element, not withstanding the different genres which I touch on briefly, to just learning how to observe and analyze the various components for these elements in order to fully give dance the proper respect and understanding it deserves as a medium of communication, entertainment and as an art form.
    It really does feel like, we are only scratching the surface regarding the context and mechanics of dance and there is so much more to discover. For instance, I would have never thought to examine a dance performance from the view I am capable of examining a dance performance from currently. Yes, even with the limited knowledge I have obtained so far, I feel I am able to do this. But, I cannot wait to learn more about dance because if I feel this way after three weeks of class instruction, by the end of this semester I will have gained more invaluable insight into this creative field and will have obtained a broader understanding. In the near future, when I examine a dance performance, I will examine it with a deeper view, appreciation and understanding for the dance even if I am not able to identify all of the elements and components I may see during a performance because of what I have learned thus far. I am truly in awe of how beautiful “dance” can be and of the depth of emotion, religious and cultural significance surrounding the stories that are being told through various performances.

  4. I’ve always loved dance, watching it and performing. But since joining this class it has really opened my eyes to different genres and different elements of dance. I think you as a teacher makes it more exciting because you put a lot of energy into teaching it.

  5. Hi Rita,
    well my view on dance has changed in many ways since the beginning of the class. Since we have learned about the different elements i am able to identify much quicker what type of movement a dancer is making. Also was shocked to know how every move in a dance falls into a catagory such as “pedestrian movment”. I am amazed on how a dancer can use both possitive and negitive space as well as go from a percussive to a suspended use of energy in a quick moment. I have come to appriciate dance much more then i use to thanxs to the understanding of the different elements there are in dance.

  6. I started dancing since I was in kindergarten but despite my years of dancing experience, I have never exactly known how to appreciate dance performances. I realized how shallow my understanding of dance is and I start to see the differences between being an audience and a dancer. I especially enjoy the idea on how choreographers choreographs dance moves with an intention in mind. They want the audience to be able to receive the message they are trying to say, be it a narrative story or a point they are trying to express (ie. against slavery). My understanding on how to appreciate dance has really deepened over the last few weeks and I was really moved by Alonzo King’s point in his interview that we have to know how to empathize in order to capture the essence and the meaning of a dance.

  7. How has your perception of dance changed since the first day of class?
    When I decided to take Dance 6 class, I worried a lot because I have never had an experience with this before. Also, I had no idea how to dance. First day of class, I watched a video but I did not understand the dancer’s movements. In addition, my first assignment was watching a video. It was difficult because everything was new for me. I watched the video probably ten times. It was a contemporary dance. The dancers’ movements were weird to me because they just walked or ran. It was different than what I thought what dance is. I thought that dance should be smooth and light. Also, I thought dancers turn a lot like in ballet and they show us their flexibilities. However, my homework video made me think that I can dance because it did not look too difficult movement. They showed a lot of expression on their faces. The most interested thing was the person with disabilities who danced. He was sitting in a wheel chair and moved so powerfully and beautifully. I thought that only healthy people could dance. And that handicapped people could not be professional dancers. It made me see another world.

  8. My perception of dance has changed greatly since the first day. I’ve personally never been involved in dance while growing up, but I do watch Dance Moms. Thankfully the first day was a breeze. I thought at some point in within the semester we would watch dance, after dance, after dance, and study the dancers like a hawk. Its great thats this class was less informal, because it really helped me open up more to dance. I now know that not all choreographers choose to see dance in the same light, but also dancing is not as easy as it looks.

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