Crazy Busy Time!

Crazy Busy Time!

This week has been particularly full, schedule-wise, for me personally. In Dance 6, it is a particularly exciting time, because of the introduction of the Elements of Dance. Just as a fun exercise, pick one of the dancers in the photo (this is from my piece, “Cuppa Jo” which was presented in December of 2012 during our Fall Faculty Dance Concert “Kinetic Conversations.” Use your space terms to describe the body shape, the direction (or body facing – are they facing right, left, towards the audience?) level, range of motion and focus.


10 thoughts on “Crazy Busy Time!

  1. The dancer which is standing on the front of the stage has bent to the left body shape. Her directionis diagonal and the level is high. Her range is big to little and the focuse gazed to the floor.

  2. I looked at the picture “Crazy Busy Time! and a first girl from my left caught my eye. I decided to pick her. Her design of body -shape is Bent. Her body is crooked and bent. Direction of her body is diagonal and she is in medium level. The range is big and her feet is on floor which describes as pathways, Last , but not least she is facing the audience and focused to move toward.

      • Crazy Busy Time! I pin pointed my observation to the women on the far right side of the stage. The range was big, her gazed focus was up high like looking at the stars, the direction of her right arm was strait down away from her body whereas her left was straight up foward. The design of body-shape was the use of negative space, that was mostly underneath her right leg which was bent up in a high level angular position.

      • Technically, there is a negative space under her leg, but I would mention asymmetry as being more descriptive with a single figure – try to reserve use of negative space for two or more bodies that connect to one another.

  3. His body shape is bent. His back is bent, and so are his left arm and right leg a lot. His right arm and left leg are bent only slightly. His left arm is forward and right arm is held backward. Both his legs are forward of his body. He’s standing up at a medium level. It’s difficult to tell because it’s only a picture so we can’t see the actual range of movement, but it looks big like he’s about to jump quite high. Also, his pathway looks straight as both of his feet are pointed forward. His gaze is straight ahead but the audience sees him in profile (his left side)

  4. The male dancer who is standing in the front of the stage on the right caught my attention. He seems like walking towards to the girl on his left with curved arms and angular knees. His spine is also bent. One of his leg is lifted, and the other is angular. He is in mid level, and the range is big. He is facing to the left of the audience and gazing to the girl on his left.

  5. On the picture, Crazy Busy Time, the girl on the far left of the stage (stage right), her body is bent slightly forward, she has one knee bent and both arms bent. Both arms seemed to be curved as one arm is curved forward in front of her torso and the other arm that seems it would be her left, is curved diagonally upward. As her body is bent slightly forward it seems to appear that her torso is a bit twisted.

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