Dance Created for Film!

Here is a GREAT example of choreography specifically intended to be viewed on film. This could not be presented live, as you will see. It’s a stunning work. Leave it to OK Go to bring in Pilobolus to create an inventive and memorable video – enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Dance Created for Film!

  1. This video was amazing!! First I thought that they were floating but then I realize that they were dancing over a transparent floor. The way they form kaleidoscopic shapes and words with their bodies was amazing. I love the part where they were forming the phrase “spread love” in different languages.

  2. This dance is absolutely marvelous! I thought that the angle the director used to film this dance was really unique and interesting. This video allows me to see dance in a whole new light. I especially enjoy the part where two female dancers slid their way across the transparent floor similar to the way a snake slithers. From the way they move, the curves they made with their bodies were really beautiful!

  3. Whoa! This video is fascinating, at first I thought that they were doing dance moves siting down, but then noticed they were standing and doing almost as a regular performance, but to actually see this video this specific way the director filmed from a different angle. I would of never thought of a dance performance like this, never seen anything like this. At the ending of the video I liked how the dancers spelled out “spread love” with their feet, amazing!

  4. i loved the video. It showed me dance in a different way using the elements of dance we learned. I noticed that they did partnering with most of the moves and communicated with their bodies. The angle that it was choreographed made was interesting in that it was from the bottom up. i understand how it couldn’t be performed live now !

  5. I really enjoyed the video. Them using different types of technique showed me all the meanings of dancing also they were dancing in a different type of format using their hands, feet and mostly their body. This dance allows me to see dancing in a whole different perspective.

  6. This dance was thrughly magnificent and beautiful.I enjoyed wathching it.To be honest never seen anything like this befor.Come up whith an idea to dnce on trancparent floor was briliant.Us wathing them from the bothom and be able to see the differance type of movment using ther hands and feet was amaizing.I could see clearly that ther were showing diferent anemals and flowers.But to me the most beautiful thing was performance “spred love” trancleted in diferent languages.

  7. This dance is unique and amazing piece of art. I like this performance because the body language of the dancers are including all the elements of dance B. E. S. T. For me there is not any specific moment, which I like more because each movement is little story. I sow the dancers show animals, flowers and even “spred LOVE” in diferent languages.

  8. The “All Is Not Lost” video is a novel concept; enlisting the Pilobolus dance troupe to use their bodies to create shapes and letters atop a glass table top which can be seen from below is an ingenious idea that definitely could not be presented live. After viewing the video, I got a chance to see how the glass floor was built by viewing the link “Behind the Scenes” of this video. The glass floor really is a simple contraption shaped like a rectangular made of wood with a glass top centered in the middle sitting atop a metal scaffold. However, more importantly, is the overall idea to create a kaleidoscopic dance like this that is partially choreographed by the viewer’s that accompanied this video. This is an interactive experience where the users are invited to type a message in any language using the Roman or Katakana alphabets and the message is then incorporated into the dance. I tried it and found it to be a lot of fun.
    I also observed many movements that apply to the dance elements we have been studying over the past few weeks related to body, motion, energy, space and time.
    In regards to the body, all of the Pilobolus dancers exhibited total body movement from the head to the feet. There were locomotive and axial moves like walking, running, leaping, jumping, hopping and non-pedal locomotive moves involving rolling and crawling. In addition, the dancers participated in plenty of actions such as stretching, sinking, pushing, twisting, bending, and kicking.
    As far as energy and motion goes, I observed sustained and suspended moves in the form of swinging and swaying, collapsing and vibrating, percussive, explosive and staccato. The degrees of energy noted were heavy to light at times and bound to free-flowing.
    In terms of space, the dancer’s bodies were in varying positions ranging from straight, bent, angular and crooked at times to twisted and curved. There was a mixture of symmetrical and asymmetrical moves and the use of positive and negative space. The dancers moved up then down at times, side, forward and backwards, diagonal, around, toward, away, out and in. The level was medium to low with ranges from big to little and narrow to wide. Focus was mainly straight ahead using pathways of varying degrees like feet on the floor, straight, curved and zigzagged.
    With time, the music matched the movements in tempo and beat. There were variances in the accent, at time more emphasis and others less. The rhythm was simple and easy to follow with intermittent rests in the rhythm.

  9. This is truly an amazing piece of art. Almost all of the moves were entirely smooth and sustained. I love how their movements were also extremely symmetrical. I also how they create kaleidoscopic images using JUST their bodies. I will definitely be learning more about this group 🙂

  10. Right away this dance is strikingly unique. I like how they show a perspective that we as viewers never get to see. Showing from the floor up is a creative way to display dance in a new light. This is a very creative video. Now if people could build a ceiling like this above theaters, everyone would love dance.

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