Duke Performances : A Month in Review (Part 4)

Here’s a blog post from “Dance in Real Life”, a blog I follow and enjoy. Hope you find it enjoyable as well as we are in the midst of our Biographical Sketch unit.

A. Noble

On January 23rd, Savion Glover’s SoLe Sanctuary performance had its Page Auditorium audience abuzz before the show even started. And that’s not surprising.

As one of few living tap masters, Glover has been featured on television in shows ranging from Seasame Street to Dancing with the Stars. Glover has performed all over the world since his career began around 1985, and he is certainly no stranger to North Carolina audiences. SoLe Sanctuary brought the Duke audience something new; this show focused more on the physical practice of tap than on the form’s often performative nature, inviting the audience into a moving meditation.

In this work, Glover paid respect to his craft and to those who came before him. At Duke, Glover and his colleague, Marshall Davis Jr. tapped on a raised stage; above them hung photos of Sammy Davis, Jr., Gregory Hines and other legendary tappers, creating…

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4 thoughts on “Duke Performances : A Month in Review (Part 4)

    • This is not a video – this is a blog post about one of our Bio Sketch topics – you may comment on it after you have read it. The video is a previous post – look for OK Go & Pilobolus.

  1. Bravo, Bravo, and again Bravo. This is remarkable and increasable. Such a beautiful dance with so much pain and bad memories from past. Cary call that trough life, but turn it in to something wonderful and not ugly. This is how he spread his message to word. To sassed in life it takes fait , hope, and consistence practice that need for the body to exist.

  2. Oh my God! This is a magical because he is moving very lightly. I love it because this is wonderful jab. To walk through difficulty and become a popular dancer it is not possible for everyone. He has a unique style. This is wonderful. Thank you Rita for giving us to know about one more miraculous person.

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