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Assignment #2

Who: Swasthi Widjaya Bandem, choreographer

What: “Tari Puspanjali”

When: 1989

Where: Indonesia

Why: For the opening ceremony of the “Association of Women in Athletics of Indonesia” conference


(watch from 0:00 to 2:36 only – the title of the dance will appear on the screen – this is the only section I would like you to write about)

Please write a paragraph incorporating the information of the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where & Why) in order to introduce several paragraphs describing HOW the dancers are moving.  Please include the following:

– number of dancers

– body parts used most often or emphasized

– proximity of dancers to one another and in the space they are dancing in

-pedestrian movement (walk, run, jump, etc.)

-gestures of the hands and arms to communicate

-facial expressions

This assignment is to be word-processed, DOUBLE-SPACED, 1″ margins right/left/top/ bottom, 12 pt. font, heading in the upper left hand corner with your name, Dance 6, your class day/time, and the due date, which is Sept. 11, 2013. HARD COPY ONLY – PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THIS ASSIGNMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM ME TO DO SO PRIOR TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY!

What’s Your Opinion? Is Exotic Dance … Dance?

Is Exotic Dance … Dance?.

This post should get the semester off to a rousing start! As we begin the semester in Dance Appreciation, we spend time looking at the purpose of dance as practiced by people throughout time and in various cultural, social, and political settings. Many students come into the class with dance experiences which are centered around the entertainment realm, fitness-based (such as Zumba) or through dancing themselves in a social situation at a club or wedding. In all of the above examples, dance can be VERY fun and even provocative (see all of the buzz associated with a former child star who pranced about with a certain foam finger recently)…but is it art? Many will draw the line as to any possible artistic intent where exotic (i.e., stripping, pole dancing, lap dancing) is concerned. Please read the interview (the link is in blue above this post) with noted dance scholar Judith Lynne Hanna, from the on-line publication Pacific Standard, and share your reactions to this fascinating examination of
exotic dance.