What’s Your Opinion? Is Exotic Dance … Dance?

Is Exotic Dance … Dance?.

This post should get the semester off to a rousing start! As we begin the semester in Dance Appreciation, we spend time looking at the purpose of dance as practiced by people throughout time and in various cultural, social, and political settings. Many students come into the class with dance experiences which are centered around the entertainment realm, fitness-based (such as Zumba) or through dancing themselves in a social situation at a club or wedding. In all of the above examples, dance can be VERY fun and even provocative (see all of the buzz associated with a former child star who pranced about with a certain foam finger recently)…but is it art? Many will draw the line as to any possible artistic intent where exotic (i.e., stripping, pole dancing, lap dancing) is concerned. Please read the interview (the link is in blue above this post) with noted dance scholar Judith Lynne Hanna, from the on-line publication Pacific Standard, and share your reactions to this fascinating examination of
exotic dance.


12 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion? Is Exotic Dance … Dance?

  1. Dancing is a way to express yourself and i think if people want to do exotic dancing they should be able to.The reason why people see exotic dancing as a bad thing is because for many of years its been shown in the media in a negative way.Like how all exotic dancers do is shake their butts in guys faces or how they just do it for the money.But i think they do it because they love to and they want to show a diffrent style of dancing.Dancing is not just one style theres many and if people want to do exotic dancing they should be able to without people trying to put it in a bad light.

  2. All I could think about when I read this article “Exotic Dance…Dance?” by Judith Lynne Hanna was the movie Flashdance because it talks about a women with no dance experience and working two jobs were one of her jobs is dancing at a night club but there’s no nudity to it. But someone wanted her to join a strip club and she refuses because she said that she has to much of her dignity to do something too provocative.Even when I first started dancing public as a little kid my cousins thought it would be funny to teach me how to pop my butt… very embarrassing. I think that exoticdancing has its advantages and it’s disadvantages, at times I think its for women or men to get easy money and at others you need practice to do pole dancing your not just going to do it right away like a pro. I’m a little iffy about this issue because you have to look at the pros and cons to weather or not it’s a dance or not.

  3. My opinion about “Is exotic dance… dance? is yes, because dance is a type of art that involves movement of the body, and exotic dance involves it. Some people have the necessity to dance exotic, for example, we can see places (night clubs) where people dance provocative,but they are dancing. it’s a job, people need to work. in Mexico, people do exercise with a tube (table dance), it is a interesting way to work with your body. Also people like to dance it, and it not mean that they use the tube for a bad way. Some cultures think that if someone dance exotic, she is a prostitute. Now we are in the 21 century and I think that exotic dance is a good way to get a perfect physical shape, and people can dance everything. Exotic dance is the name of this kind of dance, and this name tell us DANCE,so it is DANCE.

  4. Well from the article it seems that ,lots of people in the world ,did not take exotic dance as a dance ,as they have different perspective about it or they see it in another way.but what I think is, dance is dance when it makes u to move your body,show expressions,actions .so I can say that the exotic dance is also a kind of dance because it involves everything that required for dance.also it is a choreographed dance as it is said in the article ,because to that ,a dancer require a background means a experience in dance .it involve everything actions,expressions,use of space ,bodymovements etc.media put it as an bad thing in front of people but the matter of fact is people have to change their mind or thinking about it ,and they have to look at it as an another form of dance .i like exotic dance:).

  5. When I first saw the title of this blog, “Is Exotic Dance…Dance?” I wanted to say no right away without even reading the article. I read it anyways and there are some really great points made. The article changed my mind and made me see the bigger picture. I’ve never been to a strip club but have seen movies where the characters go to them and the movies make it seem like the girls are just walking around topless or completely nude shaking their butts at guys for money. After reading the article it made me realize that there is more to it then just taking off their clothes or grinding on the men. I competed with a studio I use to dance at for 8 years and these girls or women go up on a stage and perform a dance just like I use to. The dances I was taught were never provocative and I never had to strip obviously but my point is they go up on a stage and move their bodies to music just like I did. They need to have some type of rhythm and coordination and confidence to do what they do. So to answer the question, yeah I guess exotic dancing should be considered dance.

  6. I agree with many of the things Judith Lynn Hanna said about exotic dance being an art form and in regards to the skill needed to perform such dance. Still though, there are some points that will conflict based on who’s analyzing. Personally, I agree that exotic dance is dance, and should fall among other theatrics (and in the case in question receive a tax exemption), however I feel as if a private lap dance is a very different thing and more of a service than a performance. If an exotic dancer is on stage the circumstances are different, there is a larger audience, there is more space, and the audience has less of a direct involvement with the dancer. There are poles, and other props that the dancer must consistently take into account. The distinction between the professional and the audience is separate when it comes to stage performances; Lap dances however often occur privately and behind closed doors, involve close proximity and are overall far more… questionable. Now this may not be the case for all lap dances but the simple lack of credibility that the aspect of privacy brings should ultimately be enough for it to escape both the detriments and benefits (in this case a tax break) of regulation. In the case of stage performance though I absolutely agree that it falls under dance as art and should be recognized as such.

  7. I guess I’ll say yes, even though I never really thought about it before. I haven’t been to a strip club yet, but I have seen a few videos, and I’m always impressed by the strength required for some of the moves. Judith Lynne Hanna makes a good argument, although the thought of a court deciding what is or is not art, makes me kind of uncomfortable.

  8. I personally don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t consider it dancing, sure it’s not ballet, it doesn’t look very graceful and often contains nudity but we call a bunch of young people in a night club rubbing their hips on each other to popular main stream music dancing. Exotic dancing sometimes include pulls and the girl/ boy would straddle the pull, and twirl, slide, rub against it but they do synchronize their movements to the beat of the music just as those young adults do with their butts on other people. If the person they were dancing with were replaced with a pull, I think that comes pretty close to exotic dancing, no? Nudity sometimes seen with exotic dancing maybe a little inappropriate but, I don’t know, of of the dancing done in night clubs these days can be just as inappropriate. They even got competitions for pole dancing! I think it is definitely a form of dance!

  9. To answer the question, “Is Exotic Dance…Dance?” Yes! Just because you throw the word “Exotic” in front of the word “Dance” does not change the meaning. It is still dance! We can even go to the dictionary to define the word. According to Dictionary.com, “dance is to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music.” So there in lies the definition of dance. Which goes without saying that exocit dancing is in fact dance and should be consider as dance and should not have to be question. Also, Judit Lynn Hanna who has study dance for six years and excotic for two had came to the conculsion that exotic dance is dance. She is also well known in the dance community, which makes her very credible. So I would say excotic dance is dancing. There is just many different style and many opinion that questions it.

  10. When I came to dance class, one of student asked teacher that “Can I get extra credit with strip club dance ticket?” From that moment, I keep asked to myself that is exotic dance is dance? In conclusion, I agree with Judit Lynn Hanna who has study dance for six years and exotic for two had come to the conclusion that exotic dance is dance. I think there is not a specific definition for dance. Dance can be defined as the thing that relieve stress, express one’s thought, entertainment, education, exercise..etc. Exotic dance can also enjoyed as a hobby, relieve stress, professional career. So, I think people should be consider the exotic dance as a one of the dance genre.

  11. Some people say that the exotic dance is not a dance because all the exotic dancer do is get up and shake their booty. According to Judith Lynne Hanna, who has been studying dance for six decades and exotic dance for nearly two, that opinion is totally wrong. The only difference between stage performance and exotic dance is exotic dance is more improvisational than stage performance. Also, exotic dance is a choreographed theatrical performance that communicates through a learned skill with its own aesthetic, and the definition of dance is “to move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures”, so exotic dance is dance.

  12. In my opinion, “Is exotic dance… dance?” is absolutely yes because here are a lot of genre in dance, so exotic dance is one of the genre of dance. Dance includes shaking their body, moving their body and expressing something to using body. Hence, I think exotic dance is just other way to express and move body to audience. Some people think exotic dance is shown negative perspective, but anyone can dance with anything. Moreover, Exotic dance is more opened and direct performances. Therefore, I think exotic is dance.

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