Assignment #2

Who: Swasthi Widjaya Bandem, choreographer

What: “Tari Puspanjali”

When: 1989

Where: Indonesia

Why: For the opening ceremony of the “Association of Women in Athletics of Indonesia” conference


(watch from 0:00 to 2:36 only – the title of the dance will appear on the screen – this is the only section I would like you to write about)

Please write a paragraph incorporating the information of the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where & Why) in order to introduce several paragraphs describing HOW the dancers are moving.  Please include the following:

– number of dancers

– body parts used most often or emphasized

– proximity of dancers to one another and in the space they are dancing in

-pedestrian movement (walk, run, jump, etc.)

-gestures of the hands and arms to communicate

-facial expressions

This assignment is to be word-processed, DOUBLE-SPACED, 1″ margins right/left/top/ bottom, 12 pt. font, heading in the upper left hand corner with your name, Dance 6, your class day/time, and the due date, which is Sept. 11, 2013. HARD COPY ONLY – PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THIS ASSIGNMENT UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM ME TO DO SO PRIOR TO CLASS ON WEDNESDAY!


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