And in the battle “Beyonce vs. Keersmaeker”- the winner is….KEERSMAEKER!!!

First, watch the above video.
Then, watch the response video below.

The Guardian has done a nice recap of what inspired the response video. I can’t think of a better example of taking lemons from a well-publicized battle and turning them into a massive vat of lemonade!
Here is the link to the Guardian posting:

The copyrighting of choreographed movement designed for the stage and screen has not been fully resolved in the court system – if you’d like even a hint of the complexity of this issue, I highly recommend Julie Van Camp’s work in this area – her analysis of the case of copyright infringement on the use of photographs from Balanchine’s “The Nutcracker” (just the images of captured moments from the choreography, mind you) addresses how complicated it has been to define choreographic work in a legal sense.

So, what say you, Dance 6 students and others: can one truly say, “Hey, that’s my work – stop, thief!” Is it a single moment (think Bob Fosse’s iconic turned-in, rounded posture, with hat and cane…or his exactly isolation and tilted body positions…and another of Beyonce’s “inspirations” by the way) or does it need to be a phrase within the context of a larger work, such as Martha Graham’s “Appalachian Spring” or Paul Taylor’s “Piazzolla Caldera”? When does a movement emerge out of the general pool of “common movements” and enter the individual realm of personal creation and presentation?


8 thoughts on “And in the battle “Beyonce vs. Keersmaeker”- the winner is….KEERSMAEKER!!!

  1. This is kind of hard for me to comment on because there’s different reasons on why this topic can be wrong or right.If you think about it usually a persons ideas are from examples of previous aspects and the dancer will just put their own spin to it not saying all dancers and people copy each other but it does happen.In beyounce case their was movement in the dance were she does copy the same movement as keersmaeker but she didn’t copy it all the way but their were exact movements of her.I think when people get inspired by a person they tend to want to copy them or do something that they did that inspired them and I think as long as the person doesn’t say “o I started this and made this choreography up myself”it really shouldn’t be a problem and as long as they didn’t copy u exactly and try to take create for it .But I do think that keersmaeker did have every right to do what she did.

    • Exactly. When people get inspired from somebody they tend to take different details and aspects of their movements and install them into their own style. Not every detail has to be copied but in different movements there could be a reason behind the movement such as being influenced by someone else. Keersmaeker did have a right to do what she did, but she should’ve been more mature about the situation and just let it be because she should be proud that her movements are influential to others and they can enhance the movement from generation to generation.

  2. I think it’s fine and normal for artists to influence, and be influenced by, other artists. People produce what they consume. Even the abstract, and things that seem to be purely fantasy can usually be traced back to some influence in reality; be it another work, or something seemingly unrelated. That being said, it is also important to pull your inspiration from more then one source, not just more than one work by the same artist; and to transform the things you are influenced by into something that is your own. It is also important to give credit where it is due.

  3. In my opinion, I don’t think Beyonce copy the Keersmaker’s dances. It might say she get inspiration from Keersmaker’s. If Beyonce is a writer or reporter, she cannot use the same thing(phrase or clauses). However, because of the reason that applied dance or use the same motion in her own dance can be the dance, she cannot be called as a theif. For example, there are many same or similar motions in balle tsuch as point their toes,demiplie,etc, but we are not called the ballet dance choreographers as a theif.People can inspired and be infludenced by other dancers or artist. In addition, I think dance can not be graded or ranked by a one person. So, actually it is hard to say who is win or lose, or who is right or wrong.

  4. well,i think Beyonce copy the keersmaker’s dance movements.She did not copy all of them but as of my concerend she copied some main steps not all of them,like hip movement,the use of chair,facial style expressions.but if you admit it that you copy some of the steps that a good thing,anyone can say that after seeing the video that she copied the steps.people may say that the artist can be influenced by other characters or other people work that they like to do it by their self ,its true but you cant do the exact same thing .so this is truly a copy of other people work . i think keersmaeker is right because that her work.

  5. im so glad u did this because Beyonce always find inspirations from a wide range of entertainment I’m so glad this video showed all her reference of where she got her inspiration even her latest music videos shows different artist from the past and she reinventing/reshowing the art from that the people of this century may have not seen before, but clearly they have been done before. i really love this video good choice of showing this.

  6. I feel like the similarities in the dance that beyonce did compared to the ones from Keersmaeker are too similar and common for beyonce not to get inspired by them. Maybe if it was a few movements here and there but most of the video was the same, and not just the movements being portrayed but also the scenery and some what the type of clothes. Very similar to the era. I feel beyonce did get her movements from her and now has to own up to the consequences.

  7. This is a really great thing because a lot of people are influenced to not copy but to take different aspects and details from others dance moves. Now we know where beyonce gets her inspiration from. Beyonce did take the main dance moves from keersmaeker but not all of it. She should’ve just enhanced the dance move or change it a little in any way possible. So keersmaeker is right for doing what she did.

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