Dancers over 50 – still going strong!

Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance
The other day, I was doing my usual scan of upcoming performances in Southern California, and noticed that more dance companies are incorporating older dancers than ever before. From shows that feature mature performers, such as the Palm Springs Follies, to “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond” featuring American Ballet Theater dancer Marie-France Levesque – it seems that age is something that some performers are learning to work with, rather than go automatically towards retirement around the age of 40. And now, a very exciting article in the New York Times featuring Garth Fagan Dance and three of his company members who range in age from 51 to 61! Natalie Rogers, Norwood Pennewell and Steve Humphrey are an inspiration! Click on “Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance” to read the article in its entirety, and comment on these fine dancers of any age.