Dancers over 50 – still going strong!

Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance
The other day, I was doing my usual scan of upcoming performances in Southern California, and noticed that more dance companies are incorporating older dancers than ever before. From shows that feature mature performers, such as the Palm Springs Follies, to “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond” featuring American Ballet Theater dancer Marie-France Levesque – it seems that age is something that some performers are learning to work with, rather than go automatically towards retirement around the age of 40. And now, a very exciting article in the New York Times featuring Garth Fagan Dance and three of his company members who range in age from 51 to 61! Natalie Rogers, Norwood Pennewell and Steve Humphrey are an inspiration! Click on “Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance” to read the article in its entirety, and comment on these fine dancers of any age.

8 thoughts on “Dancers over 50 – still going strong!

  1. When I read your post first Rita, I was shocked and had to read about the article “Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance”. I was amazed that a group of mature older people were going to dance on stage. I’ve never seen such a thing in my years of living. When I see elderly people dance, there always moving side to side so to even witness these dancers try to dance like they use to. It would be awesome to even witness! I’m all for it to have these great dancers dance again because it’s like there reuniting to what they love, especially Ms. Rogers.

  2. After reading the article “Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance” I was incredibly astonished how these people love what they do, which is dancing that they are willing to still dance no matter the age. It actually encouraged me to watch some of other pieces they have worked on and as I watched their older pieces from the ones they dance to now , it’s very shocking to see their passion towards dance. I wasn’t use to that because as many people know at the age up 50 and up most people can’t dance as good as they use to dance years ago. I am now curious to watch a performance live by aging dancers to see the beauty of dance no matter what age. I would support them all the way because I can’t stop saying how incredible that is.
    -Yoselyn Orellana
    Dance Appreciation
    Mon.&Wed. 9:35-11:00

  3. I really love this article that you have put up and pointed out that most dancers retire around forty yet these dancers over 50 are still performing. For dances that require a ton of jumping, floor work and upper body strength, many over 40 could not accomplish but dancers like Fagan and Rogers just love dance so and it is the mentality that keeps them going just like Penewell said, it is ” beyond the physicality”. If they want to strive to perform, it doesn’t matter to them the age, the physical, if they put their mind to it, then they can put on a good performance. I think more companies should employ older dancers. These people love dance so let them dance!

  4. I was very astonished about the fact that there are dancers over fifty exist and perform in the dance company. They are all still highly motivated as youngers and work hard to overcome their vulnerability. After read that article, I started to admire their passion for dancing. Also, their interviews put me to shame myself because I used to complain about my situation even though I am younger and have a stronger body than them. This article made me to think that as long as someone has passion, age is just a number.

  5. When I saw the tile of the article, I was very interested in Garth Fagan. I already researched about Garth Fagan, so I was enjoyable. And I was really surprised about the age of the dance. I can not believe how 50 or 60 years old can dance. Also, sometimes, although I am younger than thoses dancers, I was usually annoyed for dancing. I realize that it does not matter how old dancers are. I think over 50 dancers should going strong! And young dancers should have more enthusiasm and cofidence.

  6. It is really inspiring to witness such passion for dance. Despite their old age, their willingness and dedication to dance is commendable 🙂
    Best Regards,
    Megha Rawal

  7. After reading the article “Aging Stalwarts of Garth Fagan Dance” it was very astonished to me that there are dancers over fifty exist and perform in the dance company. Like the other people, i also had a prejudice that elder people cannot dance because they could not jump or do high technique movements. However, I realized that performing dance does not matter how old they are. Dreaming and make an action of their passion are the things that i had to admire.
    I hope there are more elder people who acheive one’s dream.

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