Welcome to the Spring 2014 Semester!

It’s that time again – Dance 6 students eagerly (or at least with a mild degree of interest) are checking my blog! This semester I anticipate many students will be adding their thoughts and comments to the blog based on what I have already seen during our first class meeting. Keep checking back in the days to come – I already have some new topics brewing, waiting to be served!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Spring 2014 Semester!

  1. Sveiks! I miss you, the RCC Dance program, and RCC very much!!!
    Welcome Dance Appreciation class of Spring 2014! I hope you all may be inspired by this course as much as I was in Fall 2012! Good luck, study hard, love lots, and dance freely~
    Leah 🙂

  2. Watching bharatanatyam in class with the face,hand and feet movement reminds me of praise dancing telling the story with dance I LIKED IT.

  3. Hi Rita…..my name is Ana and I’m currently taking your class Dance-6 @ 9:35 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have to say that at first i was scared to take your class because I’m a very a shy person but after that activity we did in class of getting to know people helped getting more comfortable in your class. Thank you! So far i LOVE your class.

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