Dancing for Free – the latest uproar!

It is interesting that we have just completed our “Dance Reality!” unit, where, in the film “Dancemaker”, we hear Paul Taylor dancer Ted Thomas relating that he would dance for free in order to keep his technique up to par. This revelation often surprises students who are realizing that dancing, as a profession, often does not pay all that well, even as they are observing a group of people who work extraordinarily hard at training, rehearsing and performing.
Thus, the news from “Down Under” does not really surprise, but definitely disappoints. Pop Diva Kylie Minogue’s latest music video “invitation” to dance at no pay verges on exploitation. Yes, it was published as a non-paying gig, but surely someone of Minogue’s stature in the dance music world would be willing to pay dancers scale instead of using the idea of “exposure” as payment enough. Please give me your reactions after reading the article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

<a href="http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/call-for-free-kylie-dancers-stumbles-20140424-377a0.html#ixzz2zv085uK4&quot;


8 thoughts on “Dancing for Free – the latest uproar!

  1. Dance is an art which can expresses one’s unspeakable feelings. Dance is not just a body movement, but spiritual expression. We just watched films in the class explored the dance realty. five percent of dancers are lucky and become the shinning stars. The rest ninety-five percent of dancers did not get pay well. But they still love to dance and even dance for free. The passion for dance attracts artists to devote themselves to the arts and with less concern about their pay check. They are happy what they are doing. To be honest, I would not dance for free because I have two kids to feed, no matter how much I love to dance.

  2. Wow!!! My reaction to this “dancing for free,” issue is just so depressing, it makes me wonder if this profession is so under paid due to the fact that this artists are using their body as the tool and product output, and since its not tangible, meaning that they cant leave their body at the studio, although they do spend a lot of time there, or their bodies and skills cant be bought as a permanent item such as an object or food, it is still a service. An artistic service! And if I pay $50 plus tip to get a mani and pedi, dancers should get their fair share for all the long hours of work put into their passion! So upset and sadden 😦

    Yolanda Zaioun
    Dance 6 Tue/Thurs 9:35a-11a

  3. I think that it is sad that they would try to exploit dancers like that. Just as the article said other professionals such as chefs or lawyers would not work for free so why would they think they could get away with not paying the dancers. They deserve to be paid just like the other professionals working on set for Minogue’s video. I just learned recently how little dancers make but they continue to dance because it is their passion and to try and undermine that for your own financial benefit is wrong. People need to realize that dance is just as a professional career as any other profession so they should be paid as such.

  4. After reading the article, I feel vey sad about the cruelty of reality for dancers. It cost a lot for them to learn dance, and they spend most of time practicing every day. Because they have passions for dance, they overcome all the difficulties and suffer from wounds. However, their efforts would not go proportionately to the rewards. They are being overworked or underpaid, and sometimes they even dance for free. Due to their passions, they never give up. As far as I’m concerned, dancers should be paid like other artists. They are professional enough so that they deserve a good pay, and they should be respected.

  5. After finish reading this article, I feel disappointed that the dancer’s faced. They paid their effort, but they didn’t receive things that they desired. They need to pay time, pain and many other else to learn dance. They must be very hard to become a dancer. They must cross many difficulties. They loved dance, and they want to pay those things for dance. They just receive unfair and non-pay. I think they should be respected, and people should know about them as mach as possible.

  6. After reading this article, i notice that lots of dancers can’t get enough money. it’s so sad and unfair to them. They costed a lot of money and lots of time to learn dance. And they deserve high paid for what they did. Especially they did a great job. Dancers are full of passion about dance, but it doesn’t mean that people can not pay for their performance just because they provide them a stage to perform. Dancers do need financial supports! Also, a well paying can encourage more people to do arts. I still feel so sad and sorry about this reality, and I hope people can help the dancers to get what they deserve to earn and to protect their rights!

  7. Reading this article about Kylie Minogue not going to pay the dancers that she wanted to be in her shoot was disappointing. The fact that she was not going to pay the dancers that were invited to be on her latest shoot sounds unfair. The economy is hard on everyone, but Kylie Minogue is a well known performer that she could of gave a decent amount of money for doing her a favor. The dancers were invited, so it makes me, as a reader believe that she needed them more than they needed her. Plus, we are in a society where we believe in expecting something in return. Those dancers deserve to be paid and publicity for their hard work and talent. Power to the people!

  8. Everyone has a hard time, even the dancers. if they are not lucky enough, they just dance for free, that is unfair because they pay energy and money to learn dancing, but they cannot get anything except a stage they want. they have difficulties as well, they need response and they need to be treat respectfully. I hope someday, everyone can earn what they want after they strive.

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