Some cool on-line resources for interesting dance topics and performances!

Hey, Honors Dance 6 students, and others who follow this blog!

Sometimes, there are SO MANY THINGS THAT ARE SO INTERESTING ABOUT DANCE that are out in cyber-land, and I only have a limited class time to cover course content…what to do???

Well, one thing is to bring to your attention several blogs and websites that cover dance topics really well, and that way YOU, the ever curious and eager Dance 6 student, can follow your bliss, and discover things that pique your interest, and perhaps even comment on them ON THIS VERY BLOG!!! I would love for people to bring their own comments to the table, so here is a list of blogs / websites that I have found and enjoyed. – LA based arts coverage – upcoming dance concerts in Southern California w/ links

The two website listed above are among my FAVORITES for So Cal dance events and topics. – specifically refers to all arts events in the Inland Empire – interviews and reflections on dance – New York based blog with reviews and interviews – dance critic Deborah Jowitt’s reviews and comments

Individual blogs of note:
Freelance ballet dancer / choreographer Ballroom dancer “Biggest Girl in the Ballroom”

Happy surfing and reading!!


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