A couple of dance events that did not make it on the Calendar!

Hi, Dance Sixers!

There are a couple of I.E. dance events that would be eligible for either Field Work/Additional Dance Concert OR extra credit, so here is the information:

The 2015 Mariachi Festival is coming to Fairmount Park September 18 and 19th! Submerge yourself in culture through dance, music, food and art. There are many different ways to get involved in the Mariachi Festival. Submit a piece of art in the annual art contest, see how your favorite salsa recipe fares in the Wild or Mild Salsa Recipe Contest, shop among the many event vendors or simply enjoy an afternoon of dancing and music.

Pre-sale tickets are on sale now at any City of Riverside community center. Get your tickets today. Pre-sale tickets are $12.50 through 5 p.m. Friday, September 18 and $20 per person at the gate.  There is no on-line pre-sale for this event – you must go to a City of Riverside community center in person to purchase pre-sale tickets.

Another possibility:

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will hold its annual Pow Wow at Cal State San Bernardino from Oct. 7-9, featuring music, dancers, crafts, demonstrations and popular Native American food’s such as Frybread.

Known in their native language as the “Yuhaviatam” or “People of the Pines,” the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians have held the annual event at CSUSB for the past 10 years, dating to 2001. Along with dance and drum  competitions during the three-day celebration, the Pow Wow will also have vendors selling unique artesian crafts and jewelry.

All activities to take place  on the university’s soccer fields near Coussoulis Arena.

The Pow Wow will begin at 6 p.m. on Friday October 7  with the blessing of the grounds, followed by registration. Later in the evening there will be the formal Grand Entry.

During this event, the dancers demonstrate various styles and vie with each other for points in the competitions.

The ceremonies will continue with dignitaries representing various tribes, followed by tribal representatives carrying flags of the United States, Canada, California, MIA-POW and the visiting tribes. The evening will feature intertribal dancing, contest dancing and exhibition dancing. On Oct. 8 and 9, the Pow Wow will begin with the gourd dance and bird singing and dancing.

For more information, contact the San Manuel community center at (909) 864-8933 or visit http://www.sanmanuel-nsn.gov/culture_powow.php for grand entry times and contest information.

I hope you will take this opportunity to see dance in your community, as well as in class!


It’s a great, big, beautiful new semester!

It’s always hopeful – the first week of any given semester.  There is an air of possibility – seeing new faces and, after the obligatory review of the syllabus, a gradual excitement when students are getting to know each other and me, during the icebreaker activity.  My favorite moment during the icebreaker is probably the fourth question.  I select a prompt that will elicit strong reactions, and as the students reveal their opinions, I see them fully engaged with each others’ responses, and voila’! They truly begin their journey into Dance Appreciation at that moment – well, at least in my mind, they do! I am happy to report that as we go into week two, the classes are full, and the learning and understanding of how and why people dance are ready to be unearthed by a new group of eager RCC students.  Welcome to the Fall Semester!

One of my favorite choreographers, Twyla Tharp, is in the midst of preparations for a tour of her works by a new group of dancers. Tharp has written two books on the creative process, and she is definitely in the category of “legendary choreographers of the 20th & 21st century”. She is keeping a rehearsal log for the New York Times, and I just love what she has to say about the rehearsal process.  Here’s a link to one of the articles:


If you are a Dance 6 student, I hope you will read this article, and comment about what you find interesting and fascinating about Twyla Tharp.  Perhaps you will comment about your own experiences watching dance, or performing dance.  As you uncover new dance forms and choreographers during the semester, please let me know what you are thinking about, or any questions you may have – I want to know, and for you to share your thoughts and opinions.