World Ballet Day!

In the spirit of “all-things-in-the-world-must-have-a-yearly-designated-day”, (hey, it was National Coffee Day on Tuesday), someone, somewhere thought October 1st should be a day when ballet could be celebrated all over the world via the internet! For 23 hours, live streaming video feeds will reveal the inner workings of The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet, The Royal Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and San Francisco Ballet.  Why not take a look today?

One thought on “World Ballet Day!

  1. Oh those studio mirrors. The place where a dancer stares face-to-face at their own worst critic – themselves! Thank you Prof. Chenoweth for giving me the ability to look at the world of dance through another lens. All that I’ve learned in your class thus far has given me the tools to appreciate dance that much more. And just like most other things that must-have-a-yearly-designated-day, since I didn’t get to enjoy World Ballet Day on its day…I shall enjoy it on another day – this weekend most likely.

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