MacArthur Fellowship recognizes tap dancer & choreographer Michelle Dorrance!

Every year, the MacArthur Foundation recognizes the work of artists, writers, scholars and the like for their ongoing efforts.  The cash award has no conditions, other than “keep on keepin’ on…” I did not recognize Michelle Dorrance’s name at first, but after a profile on NPR, I thought what Ms. Dorrance has accomplished has been a worthy addition to the many contemporary choreographers who have been given the “Genius” grant, such as Mark Morris, Bill T. Jones, and Twyla Tharp.  Here’s the link to the interview that was featured last week:


3 thoughts on “MacArthur Fellowship recognizes tap dancer & choreographer Michelle Dorrance!

  1. Thank you for posting Professor Chenoweth. I have always loved tap ever since seeing Arthur Duncan on The Lawrence Welk Show. Looks like I may have found my dancer/choreographer for the biographical sketch. I think I was supposed to be a tap dancer…just makes me happy to watch.

    • Me, too! Tap is so fun to watch – I have limited tap experience, so I have always wished I had studied it when I was much younger. Glad you may have found your Bio Sketch subject as well!

  2. I think tap is probably one of thee hardest forms of dance because you have to have an ear for the music your creating not only that but, dancing at the same time.Michelle Dorrance makes tap look easy. Her story makes me want to learn tap ,and jazz while I have my youth .I think its important for dancers to be versatile .

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