Spring is flinging!

Welcome to the blog, Dance 6 and Dance 6H students! It’s been a good start for the Spring semester, and I look forward to our interaction as we head into the next fifteen weeks of dance discovery! Feel free to look through the archives for past discussion posts, and respond to anything that catches your fancy.

An article from Wired magazine caught my eye, and I’d like to know what you think about it:


See you in class!

One thought on “Spring is flinging!

  1. Wow! I thought this article was so neat! I think it’s a really cool and good idea for dancers (both the instructor and the actual dancer) to use slo-mo because that way the instructor can teach every aspect of how to perform a specific dance move and not have to worry about the students being confused because the instructor can replay the slo-mo video as much as necessary. Also, this is beneficial for the dancers because if they can see the dance move in ultra slo-mo, they are able to see what to do and what not to do when performing the dance move, how to exactly land back onto their feet and so many more things. I thought it was so cool that one is able to see shifts in facial expression in slo-mo. That must be fun to watch. I really enjoyed this article! It was very cool and interesting!

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