Who knew?


The Huffington Post has been running a series of articles using the experiences of ballet dancers to comment on workplace issues. I’ve only caught the last installment, but I will be checking out the first two soon. Do you have any comments on this unique perspective?


2 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. Reading article made me get chill bumps. I’ve never thought of the importance of having spouse, boyfriend, partner, etc. where you both have the same or similar interest. By reading this article it shows how they have the same passion. Not once do they consider their marriage perfect, they just keep things in perspective. Having trust and chemistry not only in each other but also with their dance partner for them to be successful. As mentioned in the article how she became jealous when seeing her husband perform with a different dancer other than herself because of the passion and kissing they had to show when dancing. So just because you have that chemistry and passion with someone doesn’t exclude the relationship from normal feelings that every other couple have. Every relationship has its problems but its how you handle those problems. From what I got from this article we should look at the bigger picture when in a relationship and communication is so important.

    • Agreed, Melony. A career in the arts can be stressful, so having a relationship with someone who really understands your trials and joys can be a godsend. It’s wonderful to see how these two have worked it out! You were the first one to post this semester, so I’m giving you 10 bonus points! Woo-hoo! See you next week!

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