Upcoming dance concerts

As mentioned in class today, UCR is Dancing is a local dance production choreographed by UC Riverside Dance students and faculty, and a very inexpensive option for Dance 6 students.  Performances are Thursday, 3/9 at 8:00pm, Friday, 3/10 at 8:00pm, and Saturday, 3/11 at 5:00pm at the University Theater.  Tickets for students are $8.50 and general admission is $12.50.  There is a $5.50 parking fee as well.  Here is the link for more information:



2 thoughts on “Upcoming dance concerts

  1. Hey Rita,
    In class today, Erica informed us of the Contemporary Dance Concert at CSULB this weekend. I wanted to inquire if the CSULB performance, Shen Yun, or the Scottish Ballet’s “A Streetcar Named Desire” are eligible for the ADCC or the FWR? I was sad that I missed out on the opportunity to attend the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s performance including “Revelations” last week in Los Angeles.

    • Yes, any of the performances you mentioned would be great! If you go to CSULB, make sure there are seats available, and park in the campus lot – there is a charge. Shen Yun looks amazing, but ticket prices start at $60.

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